Nanopore: The Hole Story

Scientists at the University of Maryland have developed a tiny but powerful battery prototype, which uses a hole in a ceramic base for its innovative and unique design.  The miniaturization of battery components and the race to develop faster-charging batteries took another step forward recently, when academics at the University of Maryland published a paper […]

Biomass Plant Awarded New Air Permit

The Gainesville Renewable Energy Center has received its Title V air operation permit from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, which includes regulations on air emissions that the biomass plant is already meeting. The biomass plant was given its Title V permit, which replaces its prior construction air permit, after months of air-quality monitoring, according […]

‘Climate Ribbon’ Puts Wind Behind Miami Project

For the past year, Swire Properties Inc. has touched the imagination of Floridians with talk of building America’s first “Climate Ribbon,” an environmental management system that uses nature to cool the outdoor air. Now that the ribbon is starting to take form at Swire’s huge $1 billion Brickell City Centre, it won’t be long before tenants and […]

Boynton Beach Company Named One of World’s Most Promising Startups

A Boynton Beach startup was named one of the 50 most promising startups in the world by Global Entrepreneurship Week. Peerless Wind Systems is developing a wind turbine for the urban market, President and CEO Jay Moskowitz said. The helix-shaped turbine, designed by a kinetic artist to be visually appealing, can be mounted on a pole or a […]

Imagine 1000 gigafactories – That’s What’s Coming

Imagine 1000 gigafactories – that’s what we’ll be seeing in the coming decade. Tesla is everyone’s favourite motor car company, a darling of investors large and small. Rev heads who have driven a Tesla give it the nod, even Japanese uber conglomerates are lining up to get in on the action. It’s a marriage between high tech performance […]

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FESC Bringing Energy Solutions to Florida,

the Nation and the World

The Florida Energy Systems Consortium (FESC) was created by the Florida State government to promote collaboration among the energy experts at its 11 supported universities to share energy-related expertise. The consortium assists the state in the development and implementation of an environmentally compatible, sustainable, and efficient energy strategic plan. The Consortium was charged to ‘perform research and development on innovative energy systems that lead to alternative energy strategies, improved energy efficiencies, and expanded economic development for the state‘. The legislature appropriated funding for research at five of the universities as well as support for education, outreach, and technology commercialization. The Consortium reports to and provides guidance on an as needed basis to the Florida Legislature, Executive Office of the Governor, and the Florida’s Office of Energy housed in the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Overarching to the Consortium’s research strategy is an energy systems approach to identify innovation opportunities, prepare an energy workforce, and guide economic development.

Through collaborative research and development across the State University System and the industry, the goal of the consortium is to become a world leader in energy research, education, technology, and energy systems analysis. In so doing, the consortium shall:

(a) Coordinate and initiate increased collaborative interdisciplinary energy research among the universities and the energy industry.

(b) Assist in the creation and development of a Florida-based energy technology industry through efforts that would expedite commercialization of innovative energy technologies by taking advantage of the energy expertise within the State University System, high-technology incubators, industrial parks, and industry-driven research centers.

(c) Provide a state resource for objective energy systems analysis.

(d) Develop education and outreach programs to prepare a qualified energy workforce and informed public.



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