Educational Programs/Workshops


Continuing Education – The Program for Resource Efficient Communities at UF continuing_educationdevelops and delivers continuing education for built environment professionals.  Build Green & Profit is a 14-hour program comprised of topical modules related to residential construction.  Since the original program was first offered in 1996, it has been presented more than 200 times to ~5,000 licensed professionals (contractors, architects, building officials and engineers).  In support of the original materials more than sixty hours of additional modules have been developed and presented covering a range of topics.  We plan to redevelop the modules to cover Florida House Bill 697 and present the practical energy efficiency upgrades required to meet the new sequential upgrades to the Florida Building Code.  Materials to be developed with Florida Solar Energy Center at UCF

Certification Programs – The Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) and the US Green Building Council (USGBC) have developed “green” certification programs for application to homes, commercial buildings, developments and local governments.  Governments and utilities rely on these certifications as independent, third-party programs that can be linked to energy efficiency requirements/incentives as in the Florida Energy Bill (House Bill 7135).  We plan to collaborate with the FGBC and local Florida chapters of USGBC to develop educational programs that describe and support their certification programs.  In addition we plan to logistically support statewide presentation of these programs utilizing volunteer members of these organizations as presenters.

SAVE: Steps in Achieving Viable Energy
Part of Florida 4-H Youth Development, this project takes youth on a journey through the exciting world of energy. Youth start the journey by learning about what energy is, the different forms and how it is transformed from one form to another. You can investigate various ways energy is used, both natural and man-made processes. Finally, the journey concludes with how the world is impacted, both positively and negatively by our energy use.