Helpful Links

Florida Advanced Technological Education Center (FLATE)
FLATE is a National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded Regional Center that coordinates the design of industry-specific training programs for technicians. Complementary to FESC’s education goals, FLATE’s mission is to create a relevant statewide educational delivery system by supporting technical programs, curriculum development, best practices, student involvement, and outreach activities necessary to meet the workforce capacity and high performance skill needs of the manufacturing-related sectors within the state.

Florida Distance Learning Consortium
The FDLC is a statewide resource for instructors and students who seek online teaching and learning opportunities. The consortium provides a statewide online course and program catalog, a repository of learning resources, and web conferencing.

Apollidon Learning
Apollidon, Inc. is an agile, global, web-based distance education services company which specializes in worldwide marketing and outreach for online distance learning programs.  Apollidon delivers the highest quality scientific education by working with exceptional academic institutions and marketing their programs and courses nationally and internationally; transforming lives through the power of online education.  It partners with prestigious public universities to develop marketing initiatives tailored to the unique needs of the specific program, effectively increasing enrollments and attracting qualified students.  Apollidon is the sole provider of marketing services for distance learning with the American Distance Education Consortium (ADEC), a consortium of 65 prestigious public universities, dedicated to creating and implementing high quality, economical distance education programs and services.