Demand Side Management – Florida utilities are anticipating implementation of cap and trade (CAT) and renewable portfolio standards (RPS) in Florida.  Performance-based demand side management (DSM) programs will play a key role in meeting both CAT and RPS requirements.  GRU has recently launched a feed-in tariff (FIT) program to promote local installation of solar photovoltaic systems.  Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU) is also initiating a pilot existing home program that will directly reward quantifiable energy consumption reductions relative to community household baselines.  We plan to consult with utilities in the design and performance monitoring of their DSM programs.  Information will be shared via utility groups such as the Florida Municipal Energy Efficiency Committee (Florida Municipal Electric Association).

Workforce Development – Santa Fe College is a statewide leader among community colleges in offering building construction programs.  Many of the materials and programs planed for development for the FESC outreach effort can be readily ported to community college academic and technical programs.  Santa Fe and UF are currently collaborating to integrate the USGBC sanctioned “Green Advantage” certification program into their Building Construction Program.