Energy/Climate Awareness Fact Sheets


As part of our outreach effort, directed by Dr. Pierce Jones, FESC is continually expanding Energy Fact Sheet development. The following publications are available online through IFAS Extension/Solutions for Your Life.

New fact sheet categories/fact sheets are added as they are developed. Ultimately, FESC fact sheets will include biomass, solar energy, ocean energy, wind energy, and nuclear energy. They are available currently in the following categories: Energy Policy, Green Jobs, Institutional Sustainability, Energy Efficient Homes, Home Energy Analysis, Net Zero Energy Homes, Rebate & Incentive Programs, Algae: A Future Fuel Source, Energy Storage, Carbon Challenge,and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Case Studies.

Algae: A Future Fuel Source

Carbon Challenge

Energy Efficient Homes

Energy Policy

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Case Studies



Green Jobs



Home Energy Analysis


Institutional Sustainability


Net Zero Energy Homes

Rebate and Incentive Programs


Smart Grid